There are timeswhen naturalnessis really delicious.

Many chocolate lovers wonder how such a natural chocolate can be so delicious. How can carefully selected natural ingredients combine so irresistibly with sugar-free and gluten-free chocolate? Wonderful contradiction.

Welcome to delicious naturalness.

The normal thing is to be able to eat chocolate naturally and that is really delicious.

Torras cascade 1
Torras Cascade 2
Torras cascade 3

The natural thing is to enjoy chocolate when you feel like it. On the sofa with your partner, at work, on the street if you carry it in your bag… The natural thing is to be able to enjoy chocolate with natural ingredients without thinking about whether it has sugar or gluten. In short, the natural thing is to be able to eat chocolate without prejudice and that is naturally delicious.

The natural thing is to have no regrets when you eat chocolate.

The natural thing is to be as you are and that is delicious.

Because you are like that, natural. Because you like it and are passionate about those little details of life. Because it completes you to be like that, not to complicate and appreciate everything that nature offers us with simplicity and respect. Because you see life with that delicious naturalness. Torras is your chocolate.

Delicious Naturalness of...


It’s always a privilege to feast our eyes on Lusesita’s talent. Her creations are pure sweetness, combining great sensitivity and a freeform language to give her work its freshness and naturalness. Everything Lusesita creates is delicious, and it’s only natural for us to support her so that she can continue to do beautiful things.

What inspired you to create this project?
For each project, I draw inspiration from different motifs. As I explore these motifs, the organic shapes and soft colours that accompany my work always emerge. I’m inspired by artists such as Alexander Calder, Isamu Noguchi, Hilma af Klint, Franz West, Rosa Loy, and many others.

Why do you think the naturalness of your project could be truly delicious?
I always work by hand. I never use moulds. Every piece I make is unique, and after many years of learning different techniques, I can focus on using a freer language and placing greater emphasis on freshness and naturalness in my work.

When’s your favourite time to eat chocolate?
I love chocolate. I eat chocolate every day, especially after lunch and dinner. Without chocolate, life would be very sad!