There are timeswhen naturalnessis really delicious.

Many chocolate lovers wonder how such a natural chocolate can be so delicious. How can carefully selected natural ingredients combine so irresistibly with sugar-free and gluten-free chocolate? Wonderful contradiction.

Bienvenidos a la deliciosa naturalidad.

The normal thing is to be able to eat chocolate naturally and that is really delicious.

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The natural thing is to enjoy chocolate when you feel like it. On the sofa with your partner, at work, on the street if you carry it in your bag… The natural thing is to be able to enjoy chocolate with natural ingredients without thinking about whether it has sugar or gluten. In short, the natural thing is to be able to eat chocolate without prejudice and that is naturally delicious.

The natural thing is to have no regrets when you eat chocolate.

Lo natural es ser como eres y eso es delicioso.

Because you are like that, natural. Because you like it and are passionate about those little details of life. Because it completes you to be like that, not to complicate and appreciate everything that nature offers us with simplicity and respect. Because you see life with that delicious naturalness. Torras is your chocolate.

La Deliciosa Naturalidad de...

Sloppy Tunes

Looking after the environment, finding sustainable ways of living and protecting nature are values that have made us fall in love with this much-needed initiative. Sloppy Tunes does it bit with this great idea for the future, with sense and sensitivity.

What inspired you to create your project?
In the summer of 2017, while enjoying a beach holiday in the Balearic Islands, we noticed a very common problem wherever we went. The amount of plastic and waste that we found in the sand and on the shore was tremendous. We soon realised that this problem was happening along coastlines throughout the Mediterranean, so we decided to partner with Mediterranean fishermen’s associations to collect all this waste, especially plastic, and turn it into something useful. And that’s when we decided to research and develop a sustainable fabric made with 100% recycled plastic.

Why do you think that the naturalness of your project can be so delicious?
We do our best to ensure that each of our designs has a meaning and represents highly polluting plastics or endangered species, so you can find things like plastic straws, microplastics, the hammerhead shark, and so on. We want all of us to spread the message and foster the change that our planet so badly needs.

When do you think is the best time to eat chocolate?
The best time to enjoy chocolate is always after organising a beach clean-up. There’s no better reward than a good chunk of chocolate after having cleaned the shore and contributed to saving the environment.

Wood System

This project brings together two things that we’re passionate about: how wonderful it is to ride a bike and the naturalness of wood as a high-grade material. We’d like to present the wonderful naturalness of Wood System, a truly original initiative that stems from a love for artisanship and nature. Loving care and details. Passion and honesty. Projects like this, with values closely linked to Chocolates Torras, inspire and motivate us. Congratulations @wood_system_planella and to the Department of Wood Design and Furniture at the Institut Josep Brugulat in Banyoles for this great idea!

What inspired you to create your project?
It’s a project that students really like doing and they can learn the entire syllabus and achieve the results that the teaching department asks of us. The presentation attached to the other email explains the reason behind this whole topic.

Why do you think that the naturalness of your project can be so delicious?
We work with natural and locally sourced raw materials, making creations with a balance between the latest technologies and artisanship.
It ends up with community project in which each student takes home a finished copy made by their own hands.

When do you think is the best time to eat chocolate?
When we finish the wooden bike project, it’s a very satisfying moment for all of us after working together all year.
When a student has spent a whole year working with their own wooden bike frame and completes the project, it’s a magical moment and a great chunk of chocolate makes the moment even more delightful.

Familia Osorio

If you like coffee, you’re really going to like the story of Familia Osorio. And that’s what happened to us. Their natural processes, their origins and their loving care for the product make each sip of your coffee a true journey for the senses. Congratulations for your delicious natural product and for your sincere story of dedication and love for things well done.

What inspired you to create your project?
I’m from Manresa, but my father and all his side of the family are from Colombia. And when we were little, we’d spend our summers over there, which is precisely what inspired me: summers spent at the family estate known as “La Ilusión”, playing with my cousins in coffee plantations, our origin. I’ve been able to convey everything that I fell in love with and that I learnt about the land and its fruits, as in the coffee at our home. I’ve done so respecting the way we’ve always done it, from generation to generation, while also providing the value and respect of the current waves of speciality coffee in which I was trained. And I closed the whole circle with artisan toasting, from the bean to the cup, making it possible for everyone to savour.

Why do you think that the naturalness of your project can be so delicious?
Naturalness is everything. Here at Familia Osorio, we’re artisans and we respect and honour our craft. We believe in what we do. We select the best speciality coffees in the world and hand-roast them at our workshop in Manresa. And that’s the key.

When do you think is the best time to eat chocolate?
Chocolate is great at any time! At home we like it a lot. If I had to choose a particular time, it would be in winter when it’s cold outside. A soothing cup of hot chocolate with churros helps you get through everything!

Bec Davies, Canvas in Common

Torras loves charismatic people who know how to transmit beauty in different, original ways. And that’s why we like Bec Davies so much, an artist who set out to show the beauty of where she lives, Australia, through paintings she makes with poured and blown paint. She has also created Canvas in Common, a course for others to share the pleasure of painting and capturing beautiful landscapes on a blank canvas with her. At the end of it all, life is a canvas we have to paint in the colours we like best!

What inspired you to create your project?
Canvas in Common was inspired by the belief that we all have creativity in common. That like-minded people can meet with a blank canvas and turn it into something magic. No matter who or where you are, you have potential and you absolutely can make awesome artworks.
Current times are testing and there is a lot of negativity in the air. Many of us have been at home wanting to try new things and find a creative outlet! We want to inspire people to zone out of the busy-ness of life and find relaxing enjoyment while they create colourful artworks they are proud of. Artwork they are proud to share with their loved ones! The Canvas in Common online art community project was inspired so that there is a place spontaneous people can go on a fluid art adventure together. All while inspiring, encouraging and most importantly having a bunch of fun together.

Why do you think the naturalness of your project can be really delicious?
Oh boy fluid art and chocolate have some magic in common with each other. Both chocolate and fluid art are so delicious without needing to be touched too much! The beauty is in the naturalness!
If we overwork our fluid artworks they can spoil and lose the natural deliciousness. Like you said when this happens, regret settles in. When you pour paint and get it just right, the beautiful texture and colour shines. You just get to enjoy the delicious view. The result is so delicious you want to eat it, but – save that for Chocolate Torras haha.

What is your favorite time to eat chocolate?
My favourite time to eat chocolate, ooooh while I love a choccie after dinner with a movie, I also LOVE a sneaky choc in the morning! So really anytime for me. I love to melt it as a hot chocolate, have a bar as a painting snack or break it up and have it with a fruit platter. Yes please!!! I’ll be enjoying it much more often regret free with Chocolate Torras that’s for sure.

Dr. Únic

Ignasi and David set out to give a second life to products that were falling into disuse and founded Dr. Únic, a project that seeks to reconvert items, breathing life back into them. Watering cans, cameras, binoculars and even a kettle have been converted into the most original lamps. A spoon can suddenly become a coat rack or even a television can become a fish tank. Anything is possible with a little imagination and creativity thanks to Dr. Únic’s philosophy!

What inspired you to create your project?
Our love of creativity and beauty. And to be able to do it with our own hands, awakening that primitive instinct that we have so forgotten. The satisfaction of creating useful pieces made in a sustainable way, with old objects or recycled materials and giving them a second life. This is how we do our bit to help take care of our planet.

Why do you think the naturalness of your project could be really delicious?
Because we try to put a smile on people’s faces with everyday objects. Pieces that are surprising due to their originality and concept. Unique products that give a touch of personality to a room or corner in the home. We want to make our homes cosy. And if we do it with respect for the environment and work with values for a more sustainable society, it’s a real treat.

What’s your favourite time to eat chocolate?
After a day when our hands feel that they have worked to create something new and beautiful. Next to a fireplace with a crackling fire, relaxing with your feet up and your mind at ease. Close your eyes and let the pleasure of tasting good chocolate do the rest.


Irene was prompted to create Bolseta due to the need to reduce single-use bags. Made of lightweight, transparent materials, she is doubly proud to have created a product that helps save the planet and also helps others because Bolseta bags are made by two foundations of groups at risk of social exclusion. Bolseta’s philosophy is that sustainability and collective solidarity can make the world a little bit better.

What inspired you to create your project?
In my case, the inspiration came from a need to reduce the number of single-use bags I got when shopping for fruit and vegetables. I made my own reusable bags with a lightweight, transparent material that showed what was inside; then the shops could not say anything to me about using them. When I saw that they were accepted in shops and that many more people felt my need to get rid of single-use bags, I thought we could help the planet and start producing them, not just in any old way, but by giving value to manufacturing and helping people as well. That’s why I decided to start manufacturing BOLSETA in two foundations that work with people at risk of social exclusion. By taking part in the manufacture of BOLSETA, they further integrate within the labour market and socially.

Why do you think the naturalness of your project could be really delicious?
Helping people and doing our bit to save our planet is our sweet responsibility we all have to take on. The fact that there are products such as BOLSETA that encompass sustainability and solidarity makes it easier for us to take that step and for all of us to contribute to a slightly better world. When you use BOLSETA when shopping, you feel doubly proud, you know you are helping to reduce waste and you are also giving opportunities to groups at risk of social exclusion. Don’t you think that’s delicious?

What’s your favourite time to eat chocolate?
I’m stuck between two very special moments. A dark chocolate and hazelnut square sitting on the couch with my partner and two kids about to watch a series. Or a long journey, the 4 of us together with a stunning landscape; we stop and take out the chocolate bar to get our strength back and keep on enjoying the experience.


When something is beautiful, it always draws our attention and if the name of this initiative is Bonito, even more. Sensitive, close, real and natural garments created from 100% natural organic cotton. A brand that is born from the inspiration of its creators who find surfing waves around the world. It is delicious for us to discover a project as natural and beautiful as yours.

What inspired you to create this project?
See that the brands with which we had grown older had not evolved. And we do. We wanted to create a brand for surfers who like things well done, in capital letters. For those who appreciate good design and maximum quality, but also ask the brand for commitment to the planet and society as a whole. BEAUTIFUL is nothing more than the result of something very natural, the passage of time. A cross-brand that can offer you a t-shirt, a bottle of wine or cream to hydrate. But always linked to surfing and its values, of course.

Why do you think the naturalness of your project could be truly delicious?
For us, there is nothing more naturally delicious than surfing. Because if you are at sea, the natural thing is to play with the waves. Just as if you want a delicious touch shirt, the natural thing is to wear an organic cotton one. As it is natural to collaborate with those you have nearby, so all our production is local. And it is natural to help those who need it most, which is why we created SOCIALITO, our program to support chic @ s in unfavorable family situations. Because in the end, the natural thing is to be natural, and that’s how BEAUTIFUL behaves. 

When’s your favourite time to eat chocolate?
Before going to the water. And when leaving. Commenting on the play. Watching a series. Diving on Instagram. On a fortuitous visit to the fridge. With a good coffee. And also without him. Sneaking from children. And with them. Anyway, almost always. Do you send us a pallet? Thank you!



Cabanes als arbres

Anaquiños de papel

If there’s anyone who ties in perfectly with our concept of “Delicious Naturalness”, it’s Cris and Bea from Anaquiños de Papel. Their love of paper and its natural qualities as a material has lifted their creativity and talent to levels that offer a visual feast for our eyes. Their anaquiños (meaning “little pieces” in Galician) are a form of artistic expression whose extraordinary naturalness cannot help but delight us.

What inspired you to create this project?
Our passion for things that are made by hand, and our love of creating unique objects from the raw material of paper.

Why do you think the naturalness of your project could be truly delicious?
Because we live in a world that is increasingly technological, where everything is experienced through a screen. Going back to what’s natural, to being in contact with people, to making things by hand, is vital. Our raw material is paper, a material that’s used less and less often. Maybe that’s why people are surprised by our anaquiños, because they find it hard to believe that a simple piece of paper can be used to create things as marvellous as flowers, lampshades, animals, and more.

When’s your favourite time to eat chocolate?
As an afternoon snack, or after dinner… to be honest, any time is good, ha ha!


It’s always a privilege to feast our eyes on Lusesita’s talent. Her creations are pure sweetness, combining great sensitivity and a freeform language to give her work its freshness and naturalness. Everything Lusesita creates is delicious, and it’s only natural for us to support her so that she can continue to do beautiful things.

What inspired you to create this project?
For each project, I draw inspiration from different motifs. As I explore these motifs, the organic shapes and soft colours that accompany my work always emerge. I’m inspired by artists such as Alexander Calder, Isamu Noguchi, Hilma af Klint, Franz West, Rosa Loy, and many others.

Why do you think the naturalness of your project could be truly delicious?
I always work by hand. I never use moulds. Every piece I make is unique, and after many years of learning different techniques, I can focus on using a freer language and placing greater emphasis on freshness and naturalness in my work.

When’s your favourite time to eat chocolate?
I love chocolate. I eat chocolate every day, especially after lunch and dinner. Without chocolate, life would be very sad!


We’re captivated – and not just by the aroma – of one of the most sensuous projects we’ve ever experienced: one that offers a way to reconnect with nature, to awaken our senses and remember that we, too, are part of the natural world. A delicious idea, to be savoured in the most natural way possible!

What inspired you to create this project?
The strength and beauty of our landscapes. The captivating power of nature, which is greater than us at all times, and which makes us feel small, yet also part of a greater whole. And in particular, the superiority of the plant kingdom, which communicates through smell: perfuming the air and sending coded messages that we are far from being able to understand, yet which have an enormous impact on us.

Why do you think the naturalness of your project could be truly delicious?
Because we are part of nature, no matter how hard we try to forget it. And natural things feel good, because they reconcile us to what we are; they bring us back to our essence. The experience of reconnecting with nature, both our inner nature and the natural world around us, is truly delightful. It’s a feast for our senses. And smell, which is our most primal and animal sense, is particularly sensitive to this. Our perfumes help you rediscover the aromatic sensuality of the natural world and invite you to smell wild. In a way, they’re liberating. And isn’t that delicious?

When’s your favourite time to eat chocolate?
In the afternoon. I associate chocolate with the afternoon snacks from my childhood. The only exception is when chocolate forms part of a particular dish: the chocolate-coated calamari that my mother makes, for example. Absolutely delicious. In any case, for me, chocolate has always been a social thing. From a young age, I’ve always associated it with parties and get-togethers. I’m not someone who would eat a bar of chocolate by themselves. It’s not a forbidden pleasure; rather, it’s the celebration of a shared pleasure.


Looking after and respecting the natural world is a captivating and seductive concept. It also serves to raise our awareness. Making new creations out of recycled materials is Numon’s raison d’être: a simultaneously delicious and brilliant idea that helps us make our daily lives a little more sustainable.

What inspired you to create this project?
I’ve always been interested in recycling and sustainability, so I decided to develop my project based on these two principles.

Why do you think the naturalness of your project could be truly delicious?
In a world as denatured and overcrowded as ours, a little bit of naturalness can serve to sweeten our lives, even if it’s only through a bag or an accessory. We strive to add a special touch to our pieces, which we make by hand. We take great care with our materials and with the creation and fabrication process as a whole.

When’s your favourite time to eat chocolate?
After lunch, definitely. We need something sweet to give us a boost for the afternoon!