Effectively all our products are gluten free; We are part of FACE (Federación de Asociaciones de Celíacos de España [Spanish Federation of Coeliac Associations]) and we appear annually in their guides and applications for consumers.

Recently cases of coeliac disease have increased in different sectors of the population. Celiac disease is not a disease, it is a genetic condition that is based on an intolerance to gluten, a component of wheat, barley, rye and oats, very common cereals in our diet.
At Chocolates Torras we are committed to people who suffer this type of intolerance and we want our products to be a total guarantee for them. That’s why we invite you to taste all our products, since they are all gluten free.

All our products labelled as “sugar free / no added sugar” are tolerated by diabetics.

Our dark chocolates do not contain milk or milk products, but we cannot label them as “lactose free” because they are produced on the same manufacturing line and, therefore, may contain traces of milk. ALTHOUGH, our CHOCOLATE A LA TAZA, which is produced on an exclusive manufacturing line, IS lactose-free and does not contain traces of nuts either.

Because they are produced with raw materials from organic farming, with the corresponding certificates that prove this and, as a manufacturer of organic products, we are permanently audited by the CCPAE (Consejo Catalán de la Producción Agraria Ecológica [Catalan Council of Organic Agricultural Production]) which is the official body that regulates and controls compliance with current regulations in Catalonia.

We use African cocoas (Ghana and Ivory Coast) to manufacture “sugar-free” chocolates and cocoa from Central and South America (Dominican Republic and Peru) for organic chocolates.

We use lyophilized fruits, i.e. fruits that have had all the moisture extracted from them, preserving both their flavour and shelf life to the maximum, since, in the absence of water, there can be no microorganisms. Unlike dehydrated fruits, which only retain fibre and iron, lyophilized fruits keep the vitamins and minerals present.

Our dark chocolate is made 100% from plant-based ingredients and meets the requirements to be labelled vegan. Nevertheless, it may contain traces of milk because, while we do clean our production lines between the manufacturing of products with and without milk, it is technically impossible to remove all traces of milk from the production phases. The presence of traces of milk is involuntary.

Based on the indications of the European Vegetarian Union (www.euroveg.eu), our products are suitable for vegans.

None, they are 3 different ways of naming products from eco-friendly (or organic, or biological) farming that have not used any type of herbicides, pesticides or fungicides.

At Chocolates Torras we are at the forefront in the use of new ingredients that add value to our products. That is why we have been pioneers in Spain and the first in Europe to use Stevia as a sugar substitute. Stevia is a natural plant native to South America and highly prized for its sweetening properties. Its TOTALLY NATURAL components make it a more efficient and healthier way to sweeten the products.

Maltitol is an effective sugar substitute with a high sweetening power very similar to that of sucrose and, unlike other sweeteners, Maltitol does not affect the taste of the products. It has many different benefits:

  • Tolerated by diabetics – Suitable for people who must avoid a rapid increase in blood sugar, since human enzymes digest Maltitol much more slowly than sugar.
  • The ally of all diets – Maltitol contains almost half the calories of sugar, so it is highly recommended for people controlling their diet.
  • An aid for the body – Maltitol is a good intestinal transit stimulator.
  • or dental health – Maltitol, unlike other sugars, does not cause tooth decay.


Erythritol is a sweetener with a sweet taste, low in calories. Its white crystalline powder appearance is similar to that of sucrose. Erythritol is a polyol (sugar alcohol) that occurs naturally in low amounts, in some fruits, such as pears, melon and grapes, and foods derived from fermentation, such as wine, soy sauce and cheese.

In the industrial field, erythritol is obtained thanks to the fermentation of sugars (dextrose) that can be extracted from different backgrounds such as corn, oats, etc.

The use of erythritol was approved at European level, as an ingredient with indications of organic farming in 2016.

Our chocolate labelled “SUGAR-FREE” is suitable for fructose intolerance. Products labelled “NO ADDED SUGAR” are not suitable.

We do not use sorbitol in any of our products so this sweetener is not present at all.

People who follow a strict keto diet do not usually eat chocolate since it is a product with high carbohydrate levels. We label the chocolates in our range with the lowest carbohydrate levels “keto friendly”, so keto people can treat themselves to a treat that doesn’t provide them with too many carbohydrates.
In our range of chocolates, carbohydrates can range from 9 to 77, those that we label as “keto friendly” are those that range from 9 to 45.
If you want a chocolate with lower carbohydrate levels, try our chocolates: BIO 100% cocoa or BIO 90% cocoa, 79% cocoa sugar free, 62% cocoa sugar free, 95% cocoa sugar free, 85% cocoa sugar free, Stevia milk.