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The normal thing is to be able to eat chocolate naturally and that is really delicious.

Do you know our range?

At Chocolates Torras we innovate and are pioneers in sugar-free and gluten-free chocolate, and now in organic chocolate, in addition to making the classics for the more romantic. Discover all our naturally delicious ranges.


SUGAR-FREE chocolate sweetened with Maltitol. Over 20 flavours available.


SUGAR-FREE chocolate sweetened with Maltitol. Exclusive flavours in a 'Premium' packaging collection.


SUGAR-FREE chocolate sweetened with Stevia and Erythritol. Try our Hazelnut Cocoa Cream, its exquisite taste will surprise you!


Chocolates WITH sugar made with organically produced ingredients. We use 'criollo and forastero' cocoa varieties to obtain an exclusive flavour.

Organic Bio

The first SUGAR-FREE, ORGANIC chocolate on the Market. An authentic RE-EVOLUTION ... that you cannot miss!


OUR traditional line of chocolates WITH sugar.

Sugar-free chocolate?

Chocolates Torras was a pioneer in Spain in marketing a range of "sugar-free" cocoa derivatives. A technological collaboration agreement with a Belgian company allowed us to jointly develop formulas and manufacturing processes that, to date, continue to surprise consumers because of their exquisite taste.

Organic chocolate?

Organic, Eco-friendly, Bio chocolate … 3 ways to name the same product.

Chocolate with ecological certification is produced with raw materials that have been obtained by agricultural methods that respect the environment, i.e. that respect natural cycles without artificially altering them.

Ecological ingredients have not been exposed to any type of pesticide or chemical substance that is not natural and, therefore, also excludes those genetically modified (transgenic) that better resist pests and improve crop yields.

Gluten Free g Gluten Free r
Gluten free

All our products are gluten free.


Our R & D team is constantly developing new products.

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